Forget Me Not Thrift is my favorite shop for finding little treasures! Great place to shop local. Every time I shop here I find there is so many new things to look at. The owners are friendly folks which always makes shopping lovely time 🙂

This is such an awesome store to shop and look at! Many things you would need. Owners are very friendly and helpful! Prices are very fair on items! I would recommend going to this thrift shop. I had an awesome experience going there my first time!

I went into this little neighborhood shop and the owner found exactly what I was looking for. Refreshing to still find that kind of customer service in today’s day.

Visited this morning for the very first time with my son, great store, great prices, and even greater staff!! Was looking for winnie the pooh stuff and found video games aswell! My sin also found a few things for himself and his brother aswell! Very well organized store. Will definitely be back, although we live outside the city, its worth the trip!

Owner are very friendly! Love to support the small local! I love it! And will come back more shopping! ❤️❤️

Been wanting to check this place out for some time now and was pleasantly surprised! The owners are very nice and personable, I really enjoyed the amount of diningware and books available. Will definitely be one of the stores I would be likely to pop in regularly.

just saw your site and i really like what you are doing im so glad there are people like this around im looking forward to visiting this store very soon

I have never been but from what I hear it’s wonderful thrift shop.I can’t wait to go, I am sure that I would find plenty of treasures. Most important of all have a excellent shopping experience. I hope you’re doing okay considering COVID-19 and all.

Love this place, especially because the clothes aren’t separated into mens and womens, they’re just clothes. Makes the shopping experience much less stressful as a nonbinary person

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